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POSTED BY Super Geeks May 30, 2019 in geeks blog
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Hey everyone, been awhile since we have done any posted article updates on the construction for the gaming lounge and updates to the shop. So let’s dive right on into it!

Starting off, we have a new look on our retail side of the business, new shelving and more products! We have a wide variety of different board games available for purchase now, as well as Warhammer products! Also, we have a wide variety of card games in stock; Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Yugioh, and Redakai. We are also starting to stock comic books and other various collectibles; Funko Pops, Tshirts, Walking Dead figures, and wall decorations.

Our selection of games ranges from the Atari all the way up to new gen systems and we even have games for PC and handhelds! Plus we have quiet the collection of strategy guides. We have an Oculus Rift setup inside our retail area, thanks Roy’s VR, so people can play around and experience the thrill of the Virtual Reality gaming world.

We still offer repairs for almost any electronic device out there. Anything from a simple phone fix to working on amplifiers and speakers to working on TVs and computers. The most common repairs being iPhone screen repairs and TV repairs currently.

Now, the gaming lounge. The table top area is nearly complete, just have some small finishing details to take care of then it will be finished. Which our first event will actually be Wednesday October 4, Go Figure Painting Night, which you can sign up for at the shop. Soon we’ll be having that area opened up so people can come on in and play card/board games together.

Finally, the video game portion of the gaming lounge. We are still working each and every week to get the back end finished up. This week we are working on getting the rest of the ceiling tiles painted and put up, as well as getting all the walls painted.

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