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POSTED BY Super Geeks May 30, 2019 in geeks blog
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This week we have made some solid progress on the gaming lounge! We have the framework done for the tabletop area as well as most of the framework done for a couple of the party rooms! Mike worked on the tabletop area Tuesday and then Mike and our dad/grandpa worked together to get the framework done for the party rooms on Wednesday. We were also able to get more of the ceiling tiles and grid painted, some ceiling tiles back up, and the wall separating the game lounge from the retail side has made some progress as well! (Pictures posted below)

Here’s a list of the rooms and areas that we still have to get built up: Virtual Reality Room, Party room 3, Office, 2nd Bathroom, utility room, and the stage. We are definitely happy with all the progress we have been able to make so far on the construction phase, and we still plan to have the lounge opened up around March 2017!

Many people have been wondering how they can help out with getting the lounge built up quicker, well here you all go: we are giving away some epic rewards for donations on our gofundme!

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