New Year: Gaming Lounge Construction Begins!

POSTED BY rich-admin May 30, 2019 in geeks blog
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We told ourselves once the New Year began that we would start focusing on building the game lounge up. Well this week we started, we added insulation to the wall separating our retail area from the gaming lounge and started to paint the ceiling tiles for the game lounge! Then to wrap things up this week we worked on trying to finalize the layout we want for the gaming lounge, which will have the following: 3 party rooms, retro gaming area, tabletop gaming area, gaming stations for new generation consoles & high end computers, and a tournament stage. We will have a small concessions area setup as well, which will supply you with drinks, snacks, and even some hot foods like hot dogs and pizza!

As far as the party rooms go, we are planning on having various machines setup in two of the rooms for you to play on (PC/Xbox/PlayStation/Retro) then the other room will be setup with VR. Which of course this is still all subject to change as we are constantly brainstorming new ideas each and every day. We already have our first birthday party booked for this upcoming weekend (Jan. 7), of course it won’t be anything too spectacular as we don’t have any party rooms actually constructed yet.

We still have plenty of work to get done before we are opening the game lounge, but our ultimate goal is to get the lounge open in March. The first step will be to getting the ceiling tiles painted and put back up. We will also be working on getting the tabletop area setup, while we are working on getting the ceiling tiles painted, which will be located towards the front of the gaming lounge area.

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