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Welcome to Super Geeks & Gaming in Warsaw, IN.

Here at Super Geeks & Gaming in Warsaw, IN we offer hourly or daily gaming on Computer or Consoles. Why just game at home when you can gather all your friends in one place and play may different games. Get your team together and win an event. Or just come out and meet new gamers and build your social game to a new level.
Here at Super Geeks & Gaming we currently offer:
24 Gaming PC’s, 10 xbox one’s, 10 PS4’s, and more retro consoles coming soon.
We have drinks and snacks when you get hungry, new and used games for purchase.
We will be holding special events, tourneys, and all night lock-ins. Follow our Facebook page for more news on those.
You can reserve space for birthday parties, work parties, or any type of party.
Anyone under the age of 17 must have a Parent Release waiver signed, either in store or child can bring the paper home to be signed.
Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by parent, guardian, or older sibling.

Gaming Lounge Pricing

If you would like to know more about our pricing just visit our pricing page.
Super Geeks & Gaming Lounge Pricing

Gaming Lounge Registration

If you would like to preregister for the gaming lounge just go to our registration page and fill out the form before you head in to play. Or you can do it all right at the store.
Super Geeks & Gaming Lounge Registration

Book a Party
of Any Type

If you would like to book a party at Super Geeks visit our parties page to get it setup!
Super Geeks & Gaming Parties