Gaming Lounge Updates: Things to Expect

POSTED BY Super Geeks May 30, 2019 in geeks blog
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The lounge has officially been opened for a month now, and things are going great. Many people keep asking when we’re going to start having tournaments, well we are currently working on getting our first tournament setup. Which game is the tournament going to be for you ask? Street Fighter V. (Potentially June 8, but subject to change currently.)

Although, we currently have Fortnite Frenzy going on for another 4 weeks now (8 week ongoing tournament.) Whoever has the most wins at the end of the week wins a medal then those 8 winners will face off against each other to see who takes home the trophy. We’ve been doing random giveaways/challenges during the entire course of the frenzy as well. So stop on in to get your name on the leader boards to win a medal and get yourself entered into the random prize drawings!

Are you looking to book a party with us here at Super Geeks? We have different packages available that you can check out at our Super Geeks & Gaming Parties page! We are currently working on getting what was going to be our room number 4 escape room turned into a party room/VIP room. Expect that to be finished within the next couple weeks!

Things are looking great for the future here at Super Geeks. We’re working on getting more events scheduled for our tabletop area, which will be board game nights and card game nights. Not just Magic the Gathering, but others as well! So be sure to follow us on Facebook as we post all of our upcoming events on there!

If you have any questions in regards to us here at Super Geeks & Gaming, feel free to give us a call, stop on by the store anytime, or email us! Phone number here is (574)208-9099.

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