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POSTED BY Super Geeks May 30, 2019 in geeks blog
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Many see gaming as a method to escape the border of normal everyday activities. Whether it be a lone adventure through an immensely large and dark forest fighting enemies with varying powers, or competing in sports tournaments behind the wheel of rocket powered cars with your friends to get to the top or just earn bragging rights amongst yourselves. Regardless of the experience you choose, having the opportunity to do so alongside many others who have a passion for the games you play, or might be interested in, enhances the experience tenfold. With access to the newest consoles, high powered computers, and even a full virtual reality system, Super Geeks and Gaming is your destination to jump into the world of gaming and get a full taste of whatever it is you and your friends might be craving.

Since its first day of opening on May 4th of 2018, the S.G.G. Gaming Lounge has been a source of adrenaline, excitement, and hardy laughs for many. People of ages young and old have come through the doors of SGG and walked out shocked with the extensive amount of experiences offered that most don’t even realise are accessible in our community. Being the only gaming lounge in Warsaw, Indiana makes SGG the place to be to get the chance to sit back and enjoy the couch play, online, or board gaming experience without breaking the bank. SGG also strives to continuously improve its facilities to make everyones visit that much more enjoyable. With a soon to come fully functional kitchen, SGG will offer many different types of food and snacks for great prices.

The process of signing up and getting straight to gaming is made easy by the ggleap software. Super Geeks and Gaming is one of approximately 700 Esports gaming centers to use ggleap as part of our system. One of the things that makes ggleap so great for its gamers is the play-to-earn system that they offer. While playing games at SGG you will begin to earn and rack up coins for playing the games that you love! Those coins can then be redeemed for a series of different prizes including the ability to gain free hours onto your account. So, the more you play, the more free time you get behind the keyboard, controller, or table of your favorite games. Another great feature as part of ggleap is the ability to deposit and store money on your account. This gives gamers a chance to put some money back for food, game time, and even merchandise offered in the store. This also gives parents an oppurtunity to add money to childrens accounts, with the completion of an S.G.G. waiver, in case they are away while their children play.

Super Geeks and Gaming offers a series of different titles to choose from and we are always looking for great new suggestions to add to our library for all platforms. From several of your favorite battle royale titles, to the classics of the old school gaming consoles, you are bound to find a new, or even very familiar path worth taking. Stop in and check us out for a gaming experience like no other!

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