Continued Progress on the Gaming Lounge

POSTED BY Super Geeks May 30, 2019 in geeks blog
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We’re getting closer! Grandpa/Dad was here the other day and helped out some more, have majority of the framework done for all of the rooms! We got more drywall put up and working on finishing all of the drywall and wiring next. These past two weeks have been a little slow for progress on the lounge, but we have access to our software that will be running the gaming lounge so now we get to play around with that and get experience in before we are actually opened back there! We are still striving for that March opening date!

We did make more progress on getting more products available though! We have two more suppliers available now for more board and card games. We now have Warhammer and Blood Bowl products on the shelves now, as well as more various board games and soon we will be starting to stock more products for Magic The Gathering!

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