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You just dropped your iPhone on the pavement and the screen shattered. You didn’t have insurance on your iPhone, nor can you afford to spend $800 on a new one. Now how will you scroll mindlessly through Facebook for hours or play your favorite games? Take a deep breath and know that this can be fixed and you have options. The world is not going to come to an end like you may think it will. Here are a few hings you can do if you end up breaking your phone.
Try repairing it yourself

iPhones are held together with screws, adhesive and even pins. Which means if you are handy enough, you can fix them yourself. In fact, there are websites dedicated to assisting you to repair your own phone. However, it is important to know that as soon as you open your phone and start messing around with its insides, you’ll void any warranty for it. So you will want to be 100% sure your phone doesn’t have any kind of manufacturer’s defect that you can get repaired before you go and open it yourself.
Bring it to a repair shop

Depending on what is wrong with your iPhone and which iPhone it is, the price for repairs can range anywhere from approximately $35 to more than $250. Take an iPhone 5s for example, if you were to break just the glass screen you would be looking at $79. However, if you broke the LCD as well you would be looking at $89.

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Try selling your broken phone

So your phone is busted, and you don’t want to get it fixed. You can try selling it, even if your iPhone has a busted screen, damaged buttons, or cracked frame, you can still sell it to any number of shops willing to pay for broken devices.

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