Closed Toe Shoes are Required

Please wear closed toe shoes. It’s for your safety. If you drop an axe on your foot it will cut you without closed toe shoes. Also with all the wood chips we don’t want you to end up with a bad splinter.

If you want to book please call (574) 549-9978

Things Not to Do!

Things to do!


Breaking these rules will get you on the naughty list and most likely asked to leave.

• Please don’t show up under the influence of any substance(s)

• Any drugs of any kind, vaping, and/or smoking is Absolutely Not Allowed in, on, or around the premises

• Alcohol is not permitted! We will have an Alcohol License in a few months so keep an eye out.

• No shirt, no shoes, no service but seriously wear clothes + closed-toed shoes

• Axe throwing is to be taken serious so all of us can have fun. Playing around with axes will not be tolerated.

• Fighting, threats, or abuse of any kind is absolutely not tolerated

• We reserve the right to remove anyone from our space at any time, for any reason, without warning

These rules will help you and everyone around you have a fun time.

• Listen to our Axe staff – they have tips to offer and please don’t argue with them.

• Be supportive – don’t be a know-it-all jerk. We want everyone to have fun

• Take care of our space – clean up after yourself so we can keep the price down.

• No need to use profanity or slander. We are a kid friendly space. We understand it slips but if you are a constant F-bomber we will ask you to chill, so don’t make us embarrass you.

• Be competitiveness but be a good sport and don’t ruin the night, relax and have fun

• Be aware – follow all rules in, on, and around the premises, and always lookout for others while throwing axes or being a spectator

• We reserve the right to remove anyone from our space at any time, for any reason, without warning

The cost for Axe Throwing for walk-in appointments is $25 per hour per person.

The cost for Axe Throwing for reservations is $20 per hour per person.

The cost to be in a League is $15 a week and you will throw 1 time a week.

All Axe Throwers will need to sign a waiver. You must be 11 years and older to play and must be able to throw an axe 12 feet. (We do have the right to refuse play if we notice someone isn’t able to throw the proper distance continuously)

Players between 11 and 17 must have a parent or guardian throwing with them.

Book Axe Throwing

If you are wanting to book axe throwing with us you can do so through our Facebook page, give us a phone call at (574) 549-9978.